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Living and Working in a Place We Love

We do this work from our offices in Portland, Maine, but often travel extensively as we serve a local, regional and national client base.

Customized, Strategic Solutions

While we have several syndicated research “products” that serve our Maine-based clients well, we are not a cookie-cutter firm. And while we benefit from a depth of experience in a variety of categories, every engagement at Critical Insights is a custom engagement. Since we believe that no two clients or engagements are ever alike, we have never relied on boilerplate studies of any kind.  Each client's unique needs are addressed in every engagement.

​Driving Informed Decision-Making

Our work provides clients strategic assistance and guidance through the effective use of information so that they might better understand key issues and, subsequently, solve problems. Our goal is to help our clients use research to make sound, strategic, and informed decisions.

​About Critical Insights, Inc.

Expertise in Core Sectors

Since our founding in 1992, the company has built a significant client base in healthcare, financial services, public policy, and several other areas helping a variety of businesses and organizations proactively tackle issues such as brand development and positioning, issues management, and customer and audience viewpoint issues. We’ve helped clients better understand their key challenges, speak to their customers and prospects, and determine the key insights and messages that drive communications success.

Using Data to Achieve Success

Importantly, we are business and issue pragmatists, focused solely on solving our clients’ challenges and assuring their success. Though we are academically trained and were founded by a practicing psychologist, we are not academics, but rather believe in real-world applications of data and information to help clients succeed.

​​Our Mission

Personal Client Attention

As a small and nimble firm, all clients at Critical Insights receive personal attention from the firm’s principals on every study or engagement. There is no “bait and switch” approach to staffing. Senior staff at the firm works closely with every client to address their specific needs and issues and help them solve strategic problems.

The underpinnings of our company are accurately conveyed in the phrase "Research for Precise, Pragmatic Direction."

At Critical Insights, we provide research-based solutions and strategic recommendations that aid our clients in making smart, well-informed decisions. In short, we translate data into information, with the expressed goal of results that inform and enhance the decision-making process.