Qualitative Research Facilities

Critical Insights is the Highest Rated Focus Group Facility in Portland, Maine - According to Impulse Survey of Focus Group Facilities

Critical Insights’ state-of-the-art qualitative research suite was constructed to accommodate the company’s qualitative research practice. In addition to playing host to sessions conducted as part of our own client-specific research efforts, the facility is also available for rental to 3rd parties and independent moderators.

Located at Critical Insights’ corporate offices, the focus suite is in the heart of Portland’s Old Port district.

For additional details or to inquire about facility availability, please contact either MaryEllen FitzGerald (mef@criticalinsights.com) or Kevin Fay (Kevin@criticalinsights.com) at (207) 772-4011.

Physical Focus Group Capabilities

The focus group room comfortably seats up to fourteen participants, with a large conference table providing ample workspace for respondents. The adjacent, two-tiered client viewing suite comfortably seats ten individuals. The facility features the following amenities:

  • Wall-mounted cameras and hidden microphones for unobstructed and unobtrusive video- and audio-taping
  • High-end audio/video equipment for quality recording and reproduction
  • High speed Internet access to facilitate web usability research
  • A closed-circuit feed within the offices, enabling additional client viewers
  • Audiovisual equipment (television, VCR, laptop computer) for demonstrations and presentations