Our Mission & Philosophy

The underpinnings of our company are accurately conveyed in the phrase "Research for Precise, Pragmatic Direction." At Critical Insights, we provide research-based solutions and strategic recommendations that aid our clients in making smart, well-informed decisions. In short, we translate data into information, with the expressed goal of results that inform and enhance the decision-making process.

Philosophically, our hallmarks as an organization are accuracy, integrity and a commitment to our clients' success.

Our meticulous and rigorous attention to detail throughout the research process results in reliable data and, most importantly, data that is actionable. We view our clients as our partners.

We also have a commitment to a process that is transparent: We believe that clients make wise decisions based on good research, and we encourage our clients to participate in that research process by observing how the research is being gathered. This takes many forms, from encouraging clients to observe focus groups either on-site or remotely, or to make use of the software we have installed that allows clients to listen in on telephone interviews remotely, or watch the progress of a web-based survey via a specially constructed client site. We believe that the research process itself should be easily understood and accessible, and work diligently to remove the "smoke and mirrors" approach to research that many clients have experienced at other firms.