Syndicated Research

Critical Insights on Maine ™

Are you looking to get a quick read on the thoughts, opinions and preferences of Maine’s residents on a particular topic? Would it be helpful to understand how "Mainers think," without having to make an investment in a large, proprietary market research study? Consider subscribing to Critical Insights on Maine™.

Since its inception in the late 1990s, this survey has been a valuable resource to subscribers in the marketing communications, consumer products and public policy categories. The Critical Insights on Maine™ tracking survey is a timely, cost-effective tool for informed decision-making.

The study is a semi-annual survey of 600 adults in the state of Maine, conducted in the spring and fall. The survey instrument features a combination of general interest questions on a wide range of topics, which are released to the general public and the press as a public service, as well as strategically phrased proprietary questions sponsored by individual organizations, the results of which remain confidential and are released only to the sponsoring entity.

The competitive pricing structure of $1000 per question or $2,500 for three questions allows participants to gather strategically sensitive data within a context where they can compare responses to their own proprietary questions with responses to general interest questions on topical issues at a significantly lower cost than would be incurred in conducting a proprietary survey. Subscribers receive a fully tabulated report of findings that not only will include results of their own confidential inquiries, but also responses to general interest and public opinion trend questions that have been tracked since the survey’s launch.


Qualitative Research

Digging deep to help clients find the answers Critical Insights uses qualitative research to help clients with engagements involving new product brainstorming and concepting, brand image and positioning, and communications assessment and evaluation.

Critical Insights’ moderators employ probing and data gathering techniques developed over the course of facilitating literally thousands of discussion sessions. Their broad experience and well-honed moderating skills allow us to flesh out the details and provide clients with answers to their most challenging business questions and problems.

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Quantitative Research

Our quantitative work is focused on moving beyond simple polling or market research data, but translating data into action.
While other researchers are adept at providing the “data dump” and delivering clients reams of numbers and tables, a quality that sets Critical Insights apart is our demonstrated track record of turning research results into actionable strategies.

Through our facility at our Portland, Maine corporate headquarters, our quantitative research staff has coordinated and conducted a variety of research engagements. Critical Insights’ broad experience includes both local efforts as well as large-scale, national assignments.