Customer and Employee Satisfaction Measurement

Strong relationships between customers and companies are forged at the points of intersection between performance and experience. While marketing communications efforts can often effectively stimulate and influence brand perceptions, only a favorable customer experience can truly migrate a brand perception to a sale and, ultimately, to a relationship grounded in loyalty and brand advocacy.

Indeed, a loyal customer base is the key driver behind thriving, successful businesses of all types. This sense of loyalty emanates from a commitment to excellence and a commitment to customers on the part of employees that creates a sense of trust and resulting loyalty among customers.

Successful companies are market-driven and actively listen both to the "voice of the customer" and the "voice of the employee" through proactive measurement and quantification of mindset. Critical Insights works with companies in these areas of measurement to help them understand what really happens when their customers interact with their employees and products – again, these intersections are key "moments of truth" that drive relationships. Many of our clients quite accurately feel the need to regularly document levels of customer and employee satisfaction in order to most effectively meet changing marketplace demands. In a similar vein, many employers wish to track how their employees feel about a variety of workplace issues in order to develop more responsive programs and internal communications. Employee satisfaction measurement is an important means to help direct and motivate the improvements and changes necessary to meet marketplace changes and demands, as well as retain the most valuable employees.

This type of research employs both quantitative tools and qualitative techniques, such as ongoing customer surveys, targeted focus groups and employee round-tables. Using these tools, we help clients answer the following questions:

  • Are brand promises in alignment with customer needs and expectations?
  • Are operational and service standards in compliance with customer expectations?
  • Are operations and customer points of contact aligned to deliver on expected brand promises?
  • How can companies effectively engage employees to deliver on brand promise?

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