Government & Municipalities

In recent years, Critical Insights has been commissioned to work with a number of local, city and town governments and other municipal groups.

Indeed, municipalities are increasingly turning to commercial market research firms in order to plan effectively for their futures. These commissioned studies provide communities with resident information and assessments of programs and services that are crucial inputs that enable governments to be guided by the needs of their constituent populations.

Mindful of governments' frequent need to manage and contain costs, Critical Insights prides itself on being able to develop and execute research that works efficiently to provide the actionable information required by today's municipal clients.

Examples of Our Work

  • Cape Elizabeth Land Trust, Community Survey
  • Portland International Jetport, Abutter Public Opinion Poll
  • Town of Freeport (Town Council), Community Center Needs Assessment
  • Town of Falmouth Pool Building Committee, Residential Survey

Selected Clients

  • Maine Bureau of Health
  • Maine Forest Service, Community Forestry Program
  • Portland Water District
  • Portland Jetport
  • Town of Cape Elizabeth, Maine

Contact Us

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