Social Marketing

While social marketing is a dynamic process of ongoing planning and development, Critical Insights typically works with health promotion and social marketing clients in two key areas:

  • Working with clients to conduct formative research at the outset of a project to develop the strategic underpinnings of any interventions
  • Conducting research design to evaluate the effectiveness of the intervention.

Social marketing efforts employ the same consumer-focused research tools as other disciplines. Critical Insights’ years of experience in commercial market research engagements, as well as health promotion research and planning, enables us to apply many of the research methods common to commercial research in order to work with our clients to develop effective and impactful social marketing programs.

Some of our recent work in this category has included the following types of research:

  • Target audience definition and refinement
  • Message development
  • Assessing the need for program strategy change

Selected Clients

  • American Legacy Foundation
  • Massachusetts Department of Public Health
  • Healthy Maine Partnerships
  • Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota