Minding Maine’s Business™

In Maine's challenging business environment, access to solid and timely information can give decision-makers a competitive edge. How much confidence do business leaders have in the Maine economy? Are they thinking about expanding, cutting back or relocating? What are the prospects for new investment in the coming year?

Answers to these and other key questions are explored and analyzed in Minding Maine's Business™, a comprehensive statewide survey of Maine’s business community. For those doing business in Maine, this survey can help illuminate how the current business environment is impacting critical decisions, which in turn can have a major impact on the bottom-line.

Minding Maine's Business™ is the result of a strategic alliance between two of Maine's most trusted sources of professional guidance on business and public policy issues, Critical Insights and Pierce Atwood Consulting. Pierce Atwood Consulting is the consulting arm of Maine's largest law firm and helps businesses, non-profit organizations and government agencies succeed by focusing its vast experience in the areas of public relations, governmental relations, community and stakeholder relations, economic development strategies and incentives, and multicultural training and recruitment.

Highlights of Minding Maine's Business™ have included a look at:

  • Current levels of confidence in the ability of state, local and national leaders to promote business growth in Maine;
  • A prioritized ranking of the key factors which most impact the ability to conduct business in Maine;
  • The potential for new capital investment, hiring and exports during the coming year; and
  • The levels of competition between company divisions and other states for investment and expansion dollars.

The study itself surveys 400 business decision-makers across the state of Maine and is conducted in the first quarter of the calendar year. The sample design randomly selects non-governmental companies throughout the state, stratified to reflect both the geographic dispersion and size characteristics of companies currently doing business in Maine.

The survey instrument contains a combination of general interest questions on a wide range of business climate topics, some of which are released to the press as a public service.

Additionally, interested companies are afforded the opportunity to add their own proprietary questions to the survey for a modest additional charge. The results of these proprietary questions remain confidential and are released only to the sponsoring entity.

The competitive pricing structure of $1,500 per question or $4,000 for three questions allows participants to gather strategically-sensitive data within a context where they can compare responses to their own proprietary questions with responses to general interest questions on topical business issues at a significantly lower cost than would be incurred in commissioning their own proprietary business-to-business survey.

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