Marketing & Communications

A significant portion of Critical Insights’ qualitative and quantitative research practices involve assignments conducted on behalf of or in collaboration with local, regional, and national advertising agencies.

Having worked with marketing communications agencies since the company’s founding in the early 1990’s and boasting staffers who have worked on the “agency side,” Critical Insights understands how agencies work. This first-hand experience enables us to work with agencies to add value for their clients, typically by providing research and strategy development services not offered under the agency’s roof and delivered with a keen sensitivity to the agency environment.

Public Policy

Critical Insights assists clients in the public policy arena understand attitudes among the general public, thought leaders, legislators and others whose opinions affect the policies, regulations, and laws that can either help or hinder them in accomplishing their missions.


As with other industries, the marketplace for higher education has become more complex and more competitive.

Indeed, colleges and universities have an increasing need for information about their stakeholders and current (and prospective) students. Over the years, Critical Insights has worked with institutions of higher education to develop programs that respond to current and expected student needs and to position and “brand” themselves to attract the types of students they want.


Establishing a “brand,” generating awareness of that brand, and marketing the services that not-for-profit entities provide is proving to be increasingly important in today’s world.


Critical Insights works with clients in all facets of the healthcare industry -- from care providers to payers and insurers. Our work in the category also extends into the not-for-profit, government and academic arenas.

Our researchers have worked with healthcare organizations and entities in research engagements designed to inform key business decisions being faced by today’s healthcare businesses.

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Financial Services

Companies operating in the financial services industry know how vital it is to live up to a brand promise.  Those that do are rewarded with business growth and a customer base who are advocates and “brand ambassadors” for their financial products and services.
Critical Insights has been active in moving clients beyond the notions of “transactions” and “money” and is instead working with financial services providers to help them get a clear picture of the role banks and other institutions play in the lives of their customers.

Government and Municipalities

In recent years, Critical Insights has been commissioned to work with a number of local, city, and town governments and other municipal groups.

Indeed, municipalities are increasingly turning to commercial market research firms in order to plan effectively for their futures. These commissioned studies provide communities with resident information and assessments of programs and services that are crucial inputs that enable governments to be guided by the needs of their constituent populations.

Customer and Employee Satisfaction Measurement

Strong relationships between customers and companies are forged at the points of intersection between performance and experience. While marketing communications efforts can often effectively stimulate and influence brand perceptions, only a favorable customer experience can truly migrate a brand perception to a sale and, ultimately, to a relationship grounded in loyalty and brand advocacy.
Indeed, a loyal customer base is the key driver behind thriving, successful businesses of all types. This sense of loyalty emanates from a commitment to excellence and a commitment to customers on the part of employees that creates a sense of trust and resulting loyalty among customers.

This type of research employs both quantitative tools and qualitative techniques such as ongoing customer surveys, targeted focus groups and employee round-tables.